Trace Software International confirms its participation to Exposolar

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Trace Software International confirms its participation to Exposolar

Trace Software International

Reverse Engineering with VISI from Vero Software

VISI CAD CAM from Vero Software show how product development and reverse engineering is managed when starting from a mesh within the software.

Trace Software International confirms its participation to Exposolar

Trace Software International, the leader in developing advanced engineering solutions, confirms its participation in Exposolar Colombia. The company will showcase the newest version of the archelios™ Suite, the software solution to manage the entirety of a wide range of PV projects such as rooftop photovoltaic installations, large solar power plants, grid-connected PV power or self-consumption systems. archelios™ Proarchelios™ Calc, and archelios™ O&M – the three main applications of the software- help professionals reaching the utmost precision and the greatest performance along with all the phases of the PV project: feasibility study and 3D design, electrical sizing and compliance, execution and PV monitoring.

The company invites you to have a live demo of the software solution at their Stand 149 in the Hall Green.


Exposolar Colombia proposes a reflection on the industry from an interdisciplinary perspective, by focusing on five main markets: solar thermal, electrical mobility, photovoltaics, energy efficiency and LED lighting.

The exhibition is the perfect occasion for empowering energy solutions, to keep up with the advances in technology and gain a deeper understanding of the present and the future of the renewable industry of Colombia.

Colombia offers dream conditions for producers of solar; with an average day solar irradiation of 4.5 kWh/m2, due to the equatorial nation’s high radiation sunlight, solar energy has a high potential in the country. Key drivers for the expansion of renewable energy have been energy security, environmental concerns, and energy access.

However, the socio-economic benefits have been taken into account by the strategic choices made by the country. In fact, the development of solar energy in Colombia would create value and a vast array of socio-economic benefits such as energy poverty reduction, improved health conditions, and education, job creation and reduced negative environmental impacts.

The event is not targeting only businesses, investors and government stakeholders. Exposolar has broadened its horizon in the educational field. In fact, there have been organized an array of courses to provide the next generation of professionals with the technical skills required by the solar energy market. The student will use Trace Software’sarchelios™ Suite software solution to learn how to manage the entirety of a photovoltaic installation: feasibility study and 3D design, electrical sizing and compliance, execution and PV monitoring. This practical and innovative approach, known as “learning by doing” is all about learning through experience to acquire awareness on the process’ best practices and the skills to solve real problems.

With 25 visiting countries, 200 national and international exhibiting companies, and more than 15,000 visitors, Exposolar is the right place to do business with Colombia and gain valuable insight into its solar market. 

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