Harvi Ultra 8X
Harvi Ultra 8X

PAL Robotics’ family of humanoids and collaborative robots, to showcase new developments at IROS 2018

Precihole 4 Spindle Gun Drilling Machine - Absolute Machine Tools

Precihole Gun Drilling Machines are built to manufacture high precision parts and can be customized to suite high volume requirements. GVN gun drill models are offered with 1 to 4 spindles providing excellent straightness, surface finish and bore tolerance. Length to diameter ratios of up to 125 are possible.

PAL Robotics’ family of humanoids and collaborative robots, to showcase new developments at IROS 2018

PAL Robotics

Milling Titanium Ti6Al-4V with 8 cutting edges per insert!

Up to 8 cutting edges per insert. That’s helical milling at the lowest possible cost-per-edge. HARVI Ultra 8X helical milling cutters are designed to deliver the highest metal removal rates (MRR), especially in high-temperature alloys (Titanium).

PAL Robotics’ family of humanoids and collaborative robots, to showcase new developments at IROS 2018

Over 10 robots from PAL Robotics (Platinum Sponsors) will showcase advanced interactive demonstrations at the 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018), held in Madrid Municipal Conference Centre from 1st to 5th October.

IROS 2018 hosts an exhibition (2-4 October) with the flagship companies and institutions that lead the robotics field. PAL Robotics participates with several TIAGo robots, the humanoids TALOS and REEM-C, StockBot and a customized TIAGo Base. The company’s latest developments will be presented through interactive demonstrations, in order to let attendees experience the applications for fields like industry, Artificial Intelligence, logistics, retail or assisted living.

PAL Robotics’ booth, placed in the middle of the exhibition area, will count on the humanoid robots TALOS fully controlled in torque, and REEM-C, demonstrating its dancing skills and also showcasing a compliant interactive demonstration. One TIAGo that uses a Deep Learning application will also be there, as well as another TIAGo available for attendees’ teleoperation through a haptic sensor.

Other robots will showcase the industrial applications that PAL Robotics develops for light industry, logistics and retail, such as StockBot for taking inventories, TIAGo Base safely patrolling to accomplish courier tasks, and a TIAGo displaying a compliant job, able to react to external interactions and ensure safeness for any co-worker or equipment around.


Robotic competitions that drive innovation

The European Robotics League is celebrating a Major Tournament of the Consumer Service Robotics League, sponsored by PAL Robotics, at IROS 2018. Up to eight teams will develop applications that enable their robot to autonomously help an old woman at home. Besides the fun, ERL pushes teams to face challenges that, in the long run, benefit fields like assisted living or healthcare.

Smart manipulation and mobility are fundamental to have proper robotics applications in industrial, healthcare or logistics scenarios. The Mobile Manipulation Hackathongives a chance to five international teams, selected from a great number of submissions, to showcase their skills by implementing their developments in a TIAGo robot at IROS 2018.

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