New doors for Rousseau

New doors for Rousseau

Rousseau Metal Inc.

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Demo of VERICUT's optimization method for Air Cuts.

New doors for Rousseau

On February 29, Rousseau proudly launched new swing doors for its "R" line of heavy-duty cabinets and shelving. 

Rousseau constantly seeks to improve its product offering and the innovative design of these new doors is the result of this ongoing effort. Rousseau's design team worked hard to create a modern and distinctive solution that offers true added value. The doors adjust vertically and horizontally to compensate for uneven floors, once again demonstrating Rousseau's awareness of its customers' daily challenges. The doors also close with a simple push. The durable and ergonomic handles intuitively turn to the left or right for easy opening. Two locking options are available for added security: a key lock and a safety hasp. 

Available in both solid and polycarbonate versions, these doors combine rigidity and durability with a modern design ideally suited to most industries. Rousseau also offers stacked doors for shelving. 

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