Rousseau introduces its new electronic lock

Rousseau introduces its new electronic lock

Rousseau Metal Inc.

Timesavers 42 RB Series Deburring & Finishing

Timesavers 42 RB Series Deburring & Finishing

Rousseau introduces its new electronic lock

Rousseau Metal Inc. is proud to introduce its new L50 electronic lock. 

For more than 65 years, Rousseau has been designing and manufacturing superior-quality metal products. Specializing in storage solutions, Rousseau is committed to creating products that meet the specific needs of each of its customers. The same principle has been applied in the design of the convenient and easy-to-use L50 electronic lock. It is designed to simplify day-to-day tasks by providing quick access to the contents of your drawers without needing a key. Removing keys from the equation also removes the risk of keys being stolen or lost. If employees leave your company or change role, you only need to change or delete a code instead of replacing the lock. Not having to order new locks will, in turn, save both time and money! 

Managing access to different cabinets is also one of the main benefits of this new lock. The L50 allows you to create 20 codes, including the supervisor code. You could decide to have one code per cabinet and give that code out to all employees who use that cabinet. Or you could assign one code per user. In this scenario, employees could use the same code to unlock several cabinets. Regardless of the method chosen, supervisors always have a unique code that provides different levels of access, including one to change user codes. In this way, the L50 lock enables an access management strategy to be established according to your specific business requirements. 

As with all Rousseau products, the L50 lock has been carefully designed to make it as simple and functional as possible. It uses two AAA batteries and includes an indicator light to signal when the batteries need replacing. Two other lights indicate when an entered code is correct or incorrect. The keypad is alphanumeric, which offers a larger variety of options when choosing a code. Icons are simple and universal, making use of pictograms and color rather than words. In addition, a red light shows if your cabinet is locked or unlocked at a glance. 

And what if you already have Rousseau cabinets and are wondering if you can add the functionality and convenience of an L50 electronic lock? Well, there's even more good news! This new lock was designed to be installed as a replacement across our range of cabinets. So whether you have an "L" cabinet, an "R" cabinet or an "R" multi-drawer cabinet, you can replace your existing locking mechanism with an L50. 

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