Wearwell Expands Dynamic New Anti-Fatigue Mat Alternative

Wearwell Expands Dynamic New Anti-Fatigue Mat Alternative


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Wearwell Expands Dynamic New Anti-Fatigue Mat Alternative

Wearwell announced today the addition of two and four-foot widths to their revolutionary Starting Line innovation. This fairly new product was originally released in three-foot width last year, its rivalry against traditional sponge matting on pricing, durability, customization, applications and overall performance made it an instant success.

Utilizing an innovative process and a durable Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) material, Starting Line is designed to provide workers in both wet and dry environments relief from the effects of standing on hard, unforgiving concrete. Wearwell admiringly refers these workers as “Industrial Athletes”.

With Starting Line, a whole new level of innovation was reached within the industry, and now with two and four-foot options the majority of application areas can be fit right out of the box, plus it continues to offer  “nestability” for any hard to fit areas.

Starting Line is flexible, lightweight, and unlike sponge products, it’s impervious to liquids, making it easy to clean and re-use again and again. The longer life cycle along with the fact that it’s made up of 97% recycled content makes it environmentally sound.

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