New Gage Designed for Micro Tool Inspection

New Gage Designed for Micro Tool Inspection

Euro-Tech Corporation

High-performance bandsawing machine KASTOwin pro AC 5.6

Maximum productivity in series: more performance, more efficiency The KASTOwin pro A 5.6 has been developed for the optimal use of bi-metal and carbide

New Gage Designed for Micro Tool Inspection

Higher accuracy inspections with true 4K inspection capability; magnification to 400x and
X-micron linear scales make the new PG1000
-400S-4K inspection gage ideal for micro tools.

More pixels per inch result in better image quality and higher accuracy inspections with this REACTION series gage. Officially known as UHD (Ultra-High Definition), 4K encompasses visual resolution technology offering at least 4 times more pixels than conventional 1080 pixel HD resolution.


The PG1000-400S-4K comes complete with Euro-Tech’s patented REACTION software. This software has raised the bar in cutting tool inspection making both scale and edge detection inspections possible in real time. Make, save and recall inspection scenes for new tool inspections of a tool image using scales, screen, edge detection, comparisons or .dxf file overlays in multiple colors. Annotate the screen to make your own tool inspection document. Segmented scale calibrations on any PG 1000 sold as a REACTION series gage can now be done over the entire working envelope of the microscope. Cutting edge digital low light inspection technology for inspecting cutting tools is now possible with the PG1000-400S-4K, PG 1000 Advance and the PG 1000 Basic REACTIONseries gages. We’ve even upgraded our proven hardware for better repeatability.

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