SPRING Technologies Name Changes to NCSIMUL Hexagon Production Software

SPRING Technologies Name Changes to NCSIMUL Hexagon Production Software

Spring Technologies

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SPRING Technologies Name Changes to NCSIMUL Hexagon Production Software

Since its purchase by Hexagon Production Software last year, SPRING Technologies, Inc., makers of machine tool simulation and verification software, is pleased to announce its name change to NCSIMUL Hexagon Production Software. The name change is part of the formation of the Production Software business of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and NCSIMUL’s adoption into Hexagon’s corporate identity.

“We’re proud to focus on the most innovative solution for manufacturing by changing the company name to NCSIMUL Hexagon Production Software. Our customers are already benefiting from our new association with Hexagon,” said Silvère Proisy, NCSIMUL General Manager. “The global reach of NCSIMUL and Hexagon is greatly contributing to our customers’ success.”

NCSIMUL is an all-in-one CNC software that manages the complete machining process from the NC program to the machined part. Its capabilities allow users to fully master the shop floor and include automatic G-code programming, G-code simulation, and cutting tool management. The DNC program management, real time machining monitoring and technical content publishing are added benefits that complete the platform and enhance production.  

Hexagon Production Software solutions are in use at major OEMs and suppliers worldwide, helping to streamline the manufacturing process through the optimization of machine tool performance and productivity.

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