HAIMER USA and Precision Cutting Tools Form Safe-Lock™ Partnership

HAIMER USA and Precision Cutting Tools Form Safe-Lock™ Partnership


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HAIMER USA and Precision Cutting Tools Form Safe-Lock™ Partnership

Precision Cutting Tools (PCT), a U.S. carbide round tool manufacturer, and HAIMER USA, a market leader in tool holding technology, have recently signed a U.S. licensing agreement for HAIMER’s patented Safe-Lock™anti-pullout system. 

Ever since their beginning in 1963, PCT has specialized in the production of high performance and high quality cutting tools. They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and by introducing innovative cutting tools. PCT and HAIMER have very similar company morals, which makes it easy to work together. 

“It is my pleasure to welcome PCT as an official U.S. Safe-Lock™Licensee,” stated Brendt Holden, President of HAIMER USA. “The Safe-Lock™system was specifically designed for aggressive machining applications and high speeds, and many of PCT’s customers are already utilizing the Safe-Lock™technology. It is for this reason that I believe that the Safe-Lock™system will be well received by PCT customers across the U.S.”

At PCT,customers were realizing that increased productivity would reduce overall costs. With the use of Safe-Lock™, customers feel comfort knowing that their tools are secure and will not pull out and potentially scrap a part. “At PCT, we consider ourselves a solutions provider for the end user,” CEO of PCT Nikhil Sheth said.“Partnering with HAIMER has allowed us to provide this sort of assurance against tool slippage.”

Since its creation, the Safe-Lock™ system has continued to grow rapidly in the U.S. market across all industrial sectors. The success of the system has largely been fueled by its popularity as more and more manufacturers recognize increased productivity due to the pull-out protection Safe-Lock™ provides. Safe-Lock™, which emerged from the requirements of heavy-duty machining, initially made a name for itself in the aerospace and energy industries. However, cost and time savings are not solely restricted to typical aerospace applications and have also been found in typical milling applications.  In particular, the increase in customers utilizing the modern high efficiency dynamic milling strategies available from the CAM software companies, have found Safe-Lock™ to be an absolute necessity.

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