HAIMER’s Duo-Lock™ Now Available in Inch Dimensions

HAIMER’s Duo-Lock™ Now Available in Inch Dimensions


Milling Titanium Ti6Al-4V with 8 cutting edges per insert!

Up to 8 cutting edges per insert. That’s helical milling at the lowest possible cost-per-edge. HARVI Ultra 8X helical milling cutters are designed to deliver the highest metal removal rates (MRR), especially in high-temperature alloys (Titanium).

HAIMER’s Duo-Lock™ Now Available in Inch Dimensions

The continuing development of high-strength, lightweight materials such as Inconel and new aluminum and titanium alloys are great for manufacturers in industries like aerospace, defense, energy, and transportation. But the very toughness that makes them desirable for end-users can cause you to go through expensive carbide tools by the handful when you try to mill a workpiece constructed from them.

Since its introduction, machine shops have discovered the HAIMER Duo-Lock™ modular milling system is capable of matching the strength of carbide tools and sustaining a lock tight enough to maximize their performance.

Duo-Lock™ maximizes a carbide tool’s full potential with productivity gains in both roughing and finishing. It provides high load capacity and rigidity when machining at high metal removal rates. When combined with high-performance cutting tools, Duo-Lock™ provides more than double the metal removal rate in common milling applications. 

Who could ask for more?

Duo-Lock™ Inches Closer to Perfection
Many people have asked for one more feature of Duo-Lock™. Could we make it available in inches instead of millimeters? 

Yes, we can! For ease of programing and because most people in the U.S. use imperial units, all of our Duo-Lock™ offerings are now available in inch dimensions. 

Same Duo-Lock™Capabilities
The Duo-Lock™ provides maximum stability and load capacity through a proprietary thread design with a double cone bond. The result is unmatched precision and productivity, with a connection that is virtually unbreakable – even in the most demanding applications.

A variety of milling geometries are available. The high-precision and extremely stable Duo-Lock™interface allows the full potential of the milling geometries to be realized, and it achieves the maximum cutting depths up to 2XD slotting. For even more productivity, the heads can be replaced with high dimensional repeatability.

Setup times are reduced with the Duo-Lock™system due to fast and precise tool changes. There’s also no need for repeated length adjustments due to the very precise length repeatability with only +/- 10 μm.

Fits All ER Applications
If you’ve installed a lathe with live tooling on your shop floor to perform turning and milling operations on the same machine, you know that most of these units are designed to be used with the ubiquitous ER collet toolholder. While these do the job, they are not known for their run out accuracy or gripping torque. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the tool to spin right out of the lathe, or more likely, to break before it pulls out completely. This can be misdiagnosed as short tool life and just the cost of doing business.

HAIMER offers an array of high-performance ER clamping options for milling and turning machines. Our Duo-Lock™collets are compatible with ER collet chucks ranging from ER 16 to ER 32 with multiple collet length configurations. These ER taper tool holders are perfectly suited for clamping Duo-Lock™ tools in all established ER collet chucks, driven units and spindles with ER interface. The Duo-Lock™ range includes solid carbide, heavy metal or steel extensions, as well as solid carbide blanks, for maximum geometry flexibility.

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