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Master Abrasives corporate video

Abrasives, machines and equipment and tools. A history of the company and the services it offers

Lantek Sheet Metal Solutions

Pathway to Excellence Webinar: The COVID-19 Supply Chain Wake Up Call (Harry Moser)

W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points from “Out of the Crisis” are core to lean practice. Yet, few companies have implemented Deming’s 4th point: “End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag. Instead, minimize total cost.”


UMATI – on its way to becoming the global language of production

VDMA and VDW will jointly promote the use and dissemination of OPC UA standards for the entire mechanical engineering industry under the umati brand. Here you can watch the recording of the joint press conference of VDW and VDMA on April 02, 2020.


Doosan VTS 1620 - Mills CNC

The Doosan VTS 1620 vertical ram-type lathe has a 63” chuck and a maximum turning diameter of 2000mm.


Gear hobbing on an XYZ lathe

Gear hobbing on a lathe


CMM basics - 3-axis vs 5-axis co-ordinate measuring machine technology - Renishaw

An introduction to some of the basics of co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology. Traditionally, there’s been a speed vs accuracy compromise when it comes to inspection on co-ordinate measuring machines.


Autopulit Robot Weld Dressing Automotive Door Tops - Ellesco

Complete cell for picking, dressing welds and depositing car door frames.


Quicktech i42 Twin Spindle Turning Center with B Axis Absolute Machine Tools

The QuickTECH i-42 Twin is a compact, high precision, high production CNC turn / mill center cast from Meehanite iron. Available in both 42mm and 60mm bar capacities, this unique bar processing center provides complete part machining including all complex milling functions.


Precihole 4 Spindle Gun Drilling Machine - Absolute Machine Tools

Precihole Gun Drilling Machines are built to manufacture high precision parts and can be customized to suite high volume requirements. GVN gun drill models are offered with 1 to 4 spindles providing excellent straightness, surface finish and bore tolerance. Length to diameter ratios of up to 125 are possible.


The ULTIMATE Metal Removal Tool For Aerospace Applications - Kennametal

Up to 8 cutting edges per insert. That’s helical milling at the lowest possible cost-per-edge. HARVI Ultra 8X helical milling cutters are designed to deliver the highest metal removal rates (MRR), especially in high-temperature alloys (Titanium).


Kennametal - Chips From The Real World - Episode 1

Challenge/Application: Create 19 35mm holes per workpiece with 50 workpieces per batch Solution/new process: HARVI I TE – plunging the hole, and open the hole to finish it through circular interpolation Advantages to new process: 1 tool (no tool change), no noise at all, tool life

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