ITC Extends the Reach of its Industry Leading End-Mills

ITC Extends the Reach of its Industry Leading End-Mills

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ITC Extends the Reach of its Industry Leading End-Mills

The new edition of the Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) product catalogue now has a section dedicated to trochoidal milling; such is the industry attention to this machining strategy.  Leading the new section of the 2017 product catalogue is the enhanced range of the 5021 Series of solid carbide end mills.

The new section of the ITC catalogue is packed with innovative new developments for trochoidal milling and the enhanced 5021 Series is at the forefront of this technology. The 5-flute solid carbide end mill has proven time and again to improve tool life and productivity through its ability to increase machining speeds and feeds. Previously available as square-end geometry, the Tamworth cutting tool manufacturer has now introduced a complete range of corner radii for the Cupro Coated end mills.

Currently available as a square-end option in diameters from 3 to 25mm, the new corner radius additions to the 5021 Series include a corner radius of 0.25 and 0.5mm on the smallest 3, 4 and 5mm diameter tools whilst the 6mm diameter cutter also offers a 0.75 and 1mm radius. The larger tools that include the 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20mm diameters all include the 0.25mm increment corner radii up to 1.25mm with radii above 1.5mm stepping up in 0.5mm increments. This gives the 20mm cutter a huge range of radius options with 10 standard variants available from the catalogue. Of course, as a UK manufacturer ITC can process the corner radii on the 5021 Series to meet the needs of the end user.

Incorporating a harmonic flute design for reduced noise and vibration, the 5021 Series also improves tool life and surface finishes with its ingenious flute design. The combination of the harmonic flute, the extra long-life Cupro coating, the centre cutting geometry and the extended flute length makes the extended 5021 Series ideal for trochoidal milling operations on a wide variety of steels and exotic alloy materials.

The geometry of the 5021 Series and the polished harmonic flutes make the enhanced range the perfect choice for reducing temperature during machining. This is achieved by creating a consistent chip thickness with improved swarf evacuation. This smooth machining of the 5021 Series enables the end user to reduce the engagement angle when trochoidal cutting whilst maximising the use of the full flute length to reduce cutting edge loads as well as torque and power requirements on the machine tool. This ensures consistent performance under the most demanding machining applications.

To give these benefits to customers machining deep cavities, ITC has made the 5021 Series available with an overall length from 58 to 150mm with a flute length from 9 to 40mm.

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