Rainford Promotes Stainless Machining With New Brochure

Rainford Promotes Stainless Machining With New Brochure

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Rainford Promotes Stainless Machining With New Brochure

When introducing new product lines, cutting tool manufacturers often focus on the application with material being the secondary consideration. However, the new range of Louis Belet cutting tools from Rainford Precision, are now compiled into a series of brochures based on material types first and foremost.  

The Louis Belet philosophy is encapsulated in its new 'Stainless Steel' Expert Tools brochure. Stainless steel is available in numerous grade variations and Louis Belet has developed its stainless steel product brochure based on these parameters. The new 12 page brochure is packed with the latest line of drills, end mills, engraving tools, thread mills, circular saws and customised tools that are suited to the differing stainless characteristics. With decades of expertise in small and micro component machining on all material types, the Swiss tooling specialist is delighted to release the first in a series of material specific brochures.

The 'one-stop' shop for stainless steel machining includes the latest line of Louis Belet 370 Expert Series Drills that are available from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm in 0.01 mm increments and up to 3 mm diameter in 0.05 mm increments. Manufactured from Louis Belet's MG10 sub-micron grade carbide with the company's Nemo coating, the 135 degree point angle drills have been tirelessly developed and tested to maximise performance when drilling small holes in stainless steel.

Next to the Expert Drills is the four flute line of variable helix and pitch end mills. With a unique geometry for plunge and side cutting, the new range is available with the Nemo coating, or as a non-coated cutter. The specialised stainless steel end mills are available from 1 mm to 16 mm diameter with a chamfered edge and Louis Belet's own micro grain carbide grade to extend tool life and performance.

Like the drills and end mills in the brochure, the staggered tooth slitting saws have been developed with meticulous detail to ensure the best possible geometry and grade combination for processing all stainless steels. Offered in diameters from 15 to 80mm with 12 to 36 teeth, the carbide saws have an alternating tooth geometry that optimises the cutting action.

For 60 degree ISO threading, Louis Belet has a reputation as a world leader with its series of solid carbide threadmills for stainless steel. With uncompromising performance, the Louis Belet helical thread mills are available from M1 to M10 with the option of the Nemo coating for high feed applications or as an uncoated variant for reduced speed and material grade parameters. The diversity of the thread milling line sees the Swiss company insert a 'quotation request' form in the brochure, which offers a selection of parameters such as thread angle, thread clearance and shank length, shank and thread diameter and also coating specification.

Completing the stainless steel Louis Belet brochure is the 3 mm shank diameter engraving mills. As a company entrenched in the high-end Swiss watch making industry, the Louis Belet engraving mills are the epitome of precision with an extremely precise point diameter offered in small increments from 0.02 mm through to 0.3 mm, which are available with a 15-45 degree or 50-140 degree point angle.

If you are manufacturing any reasonable volume of stainless steel, it's about time you spoke to Rainford Precision to get a greater insight into how the specialised range of Louis Belet tools can significantly enhance your productivity, overall performance and tool life.

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