12 healthy options, please! Ergonomic Wiha screwdriver sets promise less pain and more power

12 healthy options, please! Ergonomic Wiha screwdriver sets promise less pain and more power

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12 healthy options, please! Ergonomic Wiha screwdriver sets promise less pain and more power

Less pain and more power for the user, fewer illness-related absences and healthier, happier employees for the boss – these are the ideal effects that come with using the screwdrivers in the Wiha SoftFinish range. Wiha’s ergonomic handle size concept, which is employed throughout all the fastening tools in the SoftFinish, SoftFinish electric, SoftFinish ESD and MicroFinishranges, was recommended for better health-preservation and more ergonomic work by AGR e.V. In November 2015, after a series of intensive tests and inspections by doctors and therapists. In light of trade and market demand, Wiha now offers two new 12-piece sets of SoftFinish screwdrivers, covering a wide range of applications.

In contrast to most standard handles by tool manufacturers, this concept includes the distinguished and recommended AGR e.V. concept of four small handles that fit optimally in the hand for the highest level of precision and control, whilst the large handles are ideal for powerful fastening and include integrated hard and soft zones. This aims to help users to reduce or even completely prevent discomfort in the musculoskeletal system and pain in the joints and muscles. This was the first time in the world that the quality seal had been awarded to a hand tool manufacturer. The ergonomic handle concept was scientifically created within the framework of collaborative research with the IAO Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Stuttgart, and has now managed to convince the independent panel of doctors. The two new sets, which consist of a dozen of these ergonomic screwdrivers, are available in the SoftFinish® and the VDE-certified version SoftFinish® electric versions.

“Through intensive discussions both with trade and different user groups, it became very clear that there was strong demand for a larger, more comprehensive set of screwdrivers than just six items. If a new set is to be offered, it has to cover practically every fastening situation. With the expansion of the SoftFinish family to 12 screwdrivers each, users are now equipped with a wide variety of profiles and handle sizes for almost any eventuality,” states Ronny Lindskog, Sales and Marketing Manager.

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