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Smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production are at the heart of EMO Hanover 2019, set for September 16–21 in Hanover, Germany, and sure to turn heads at the premier metalworking exhibition is Tornos’ new SwissDeco 36 TB. Intelligently bridging bar-type turning centers and bar turning machines, the SwissDeco 36 TB is the centerpiece of Tornos’ EMO Hanover 2019 exhibition space.

At EMO, visitors will see how the SwissDeco 36 TB makes easy work of machining at 250 mm long intramedullary (IM) nail with internal threads. Used in orthopedic trauma to ensure bone fixation, IM nails call upon Tornos’ extensive deep hole drilling expertise—and the SwissDeco 36 TB, with the essential B axis and Z2 axis and handy fluid module situated right next to the machine, flawlessly executes deep hole drilling. Machine autonomy is supported by its ingenious high-end cutting fluid management and available configuration with up to two-high-pressure pumps. Equipped as standard with a heat exchanger, this solution can be connected to a cold-water network or a water chiller.

The application to be shown at EMO showcases Tornos’ mastery of the thread whirling process on a sliding headstock lathe, making it possible to produce nails with perfect internal threads, good surface finish and high dimensional accuracy. Tornos’ thread whirling process significantly increases productivity, eliminates bending and vibration, and resolves the challenges of producing both IM nails and self-locking screws.

Outstanding performance

Based on the structure that is the hallmark of the entire SwissDeco range, the SwissDeco 36 TB has a high-power spindle and an ultra-rigid cast machine base equipped with extra-large guiding elements, allowing the user to leverage the full potential of the machine. In combination, these characteristics mean that the machine can withstand high loads even when machining the toughest materials.

“With SwissDeco, we set out to design an uncompromising machine—and our EMO visitors will discover that we succeeded,” explains Philippe Charles, Head of Swiss-type Product Management at Tornos.

Comprehensive equipment

The SwissDeco 36 TB can be equipped with 57 tools including 36 driven tools. “Today, a Swiss GT-type machine is also impressively equipped with a B axis and a number of tools, even if it has fewer tools than the SwissDeco. But the SwissDeco opens up a new era,” Charles explains. The first noteworthy difference—besides the extremely rigid machine structure— probably is the SwissDeco 36 TB’s 36 mm machining diameter. If the user opts for the 36 mm spindle, the solution’s 53 Nm torque of is simply titanic; even the 25.4 mm diameter spindles 27 Nm torque.

“The machining capabilities of the SwissDeco 36 TB are really impressive—to such an extent that we can turn parts based on the parameters of the machining with a fixed headstock even if the machine is operated close to its limits,” Charles adds.

Furthermore, Tornos builds ease of use into its solutions, he says. “Since we want our customers to easily achieve application success, we provided our machine with long axis travels and the market’s most powerful and rapid driven tools,” Charles asserts. “Our SwissDeco 36 TB both manufactures the workpieces at hand but ensures perfect management. We offer various solutions for workpiece ejection, whatever the part’s dimensions.”

Furthermore, the machine is easy to use and setup, even during machining of complex workpieces, and it simplifies tool changes because its the turret can approach the machine door so that the operator can change tools without having to bend into the machine.

12-position turret with B axis 

Like the SwissDeco T, the SwissDeco 36 TB has a 12-position turret; it is mounted on a B axis, driven by a torque motor, and can be swiveled by +/- 130° and used both for main and back machining operations. That means the full diversity of turret tools can be utilized to perfectly execute applications requiring angular machining. Furthermore, the turret can be operated by means of the TISIS CAM software; this computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solution enables multi-point programming for workpieces. TISIS supports almost every CAD/CAM program on the market, putting manufacturers on the road to headache-free programming.

Efficiency: quick-change system

Optionally, the turret as well as other tooling systems can be complemented by a quick-change system that is compatible with the presetting devices, enabling setup to take place outside of the machine. The system can be used both for stationary and driven tools to ensure maximum flexibility. It permits ultrafast setup changes, which is another big plus, considering the SwissDeco’s vast array of tooling options. Any changes become effective within a few seconds and the design guarantees superb concentricity and repeatability. The fact that the tool head can be unlocked by turning a single screw is another value-adding efficiency booster.

Efficiency: hydraulic brake

The SwissDeco is the first Swiss-type lathe featuring a high-precision hydraulic brake, guaranteeing high machining quality in any situation. The brake is actuated by material deformation and enables the bar to be precisely locked in the correct position, so spindle bearings and spindle body are relieved in case of four- and five-axis machining. Surface finish is considerably improved because the bar is maintained in the correct position, allowing the SwissDeco 36 TB to tackle tasks previously unachievable on conventional lathes or bar turning lathes.

Efficiency: TISIS Optimove

With the SwissDeco launch, the latest innovative TISIS version is now available. TISIS has evolved from a programming tool to become a true means of control for SwissDeco machines. From now on, the machine can very precisely precalculate the real machining time.

“Our customers can now realize machining jobs requiring extreme precision as well as production scheduling in a most meticulous manner,” Charles declares. TISIS Optimove offers a multitude of additional advantages, the most important of which is the reduction of machining times. Just like TB-Deco, TISIS Optimove calculates the ideal tool path and the ideal feed rate for each tool. One might assume this would make for a rather slow machine, but the numbers speak for themselves: Thanks to its three tool systems, the SwissDeco 36 TB’s productivity is simply excellent. In certain cases, TISIS Optimove allows times savings of almost 25 percent. Combined with an 11 percent reduction in energy consumption, it provides significant added value, without operator intervention.

Another benefit is the reduced mechanical wear afforded by optimized axis travels eliminating unnecessary acceleration, so the mechanical system is protected while vibration and interference are avoided during the machining process.

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