Altus Takes Steps Towards the Future with Rehm

Altus Takes Steps Towards the Future with Rehm

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Altus Takes Steps Towards the Future with Rehm

Future-proofing processes is important in electronics production and Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, is working with its pre-eminent supplier Rehm Thermal Systems to offer expert advice and support on the company’s range of thermal system solutions.


In the Rehm Technology Centre, Germany, prototypes are created in collaboration with the application experts from Rehm Thermal Systems to meet the individual requirements of customers. The Centre houses state-of-the-art equipment for a complete SMT production line. This enables customers to work with Rehm's application specialists to fabricate assemblies that can be used to determine optimal process parameters and, at the same time, can be analysed using a variety of microscopes, 2D and 3D X-ray.


Matthew Jones, Sales Director at Altus said: “The Rehm Technology Centre runs full tests following successful prototyping to ensure it can be work within exacting parameters and meet a customer’s requirement. The process helps to ensure the equipment will operate as it should and can be commissioned as a service with application specialists for specific processes. This means that both audit-proof process documentation and objective and reliable benchmark results can be created.


“This helps to support those using Rehm’s equipment, ensuring small batches of new products pass product validation with quality control on the production line in the Technology Centre. It can then be analysed optically and with X-ray systems. This service ensures equipment will work effectively when in production.

“Backing up the service from Rehm, Altus has recently opened a new applications facility in Redditch. The new centre houses equipment from some of the world’s leading suppliers including Rehm. Customers can try out capital equipment and run test batches to ensure the systems work for their particular processes.

“At the new Altus application facility we can offer advice and expert support to ensure customers are getting the service they deserve. We have specialist engineers who can give guidance on the portfolio of products available at Altus.

“With support in place from our leading suppliers, and from Altus itself, customers can be rest assured that they are getting the best equipment and the best service.”

Altus ensure their portfolio of products is continually updated with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and processes all of which will withstand the changing production environment.

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