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High-precision milling and high-performance turning are two of the topics that OPEN MIND will focus on from 16th to 21st September 2019 at the EMO exhibition in Hanover, Germany. OPEN MIND will have live demonstrations at booth C04 in Hall 9 showcasing efficient machining processes resulting in parts with mirror-smooth surface finishes. The special plunge strategies of the cutting tool into the material and the fluent machine movements are the secret to high-performance turning. At EMO, OPEN MIND will demonstrate this in abundance with highlights from the CAD/CAM manufacturer set to include the high-performance hyperMILL® MAXX Machining package and the NC code-basedhyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining simulation solution.

The live demos at the booth will show the practical implementation of intelligent CAM machining strategies and demonstrate process improvements that extend beyond the individual machine. OPEN MIND will present this through CONNECTED Machining, which allowshyperMILL® to be networked and synchronized directly with the machine, enabling the best possible exchange of information between the generation and execution of programs. hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining is a module from the hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining package. The unique feature of the real-time simulations enabled by this module is that they are based on the NC code after the postprocessor run. This ensures that the virtual machine movements correspond exactly to the actual machine movements. Another exciting module of the package is the hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Optimizer. This feature always finds the best collision-free tool position automatically during the postprocessor run by analyzing entire machining sequences.

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OPEN MIND will also provide information about further special strategies from its high-performance hyperMILL® MAXX Machining package in addition to showcasing high-performance turning with round inserts. Perfect pocketing technology ensures more efficient pocket machining with high-feed cutters. An intelligent algorithm fits the largest possible pocket into the area to be roughed and automatically generates linear toolpaths for high feed milling. Innovative applications for conical barrel cutters will be a central theme of the show once again. For example, the “5axis Prismatic Fillet Finishing" strategy has been added this year. Multi-surface 5axis machining with conical barrel cutters makes it possible to produce entire surface formations in a single job. The toolpaths are generated fully automatically using a surface selection.

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