New Centrifugal Oil Filtration System for the MultiSwiss Range

New Centrifugal Oil Filtration System for the MultiSwiss Range

Tornos UK Ltd

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New Centrifugal Oil Filtration System for the MultiSwiss Range

The Tornos MultiSwiss machines are ultra-performance machines with modular tool systems that can be equipped with tool holders of various types that enable customers to realise a whole range of potential milling or even micro-milling tasks. Sometimes, the machining process generates lots of fine swarf that accumulate in the coolant filtration circuit, something Tornos has now overcome.

This can have a detrimental effect on the service life, especially when materials like brass are being machined. For such extreme cases, Tornos now offers a new option that enables filter consumption to be reduced significantly. This reduces costs, servicing and the resulting machine downtime.

Centrifugal filtration

The filtration system is housed in the container and allows the effective separation of any contamination particles from the oil by means of centrifugal force. The device is incorporated elegantly in the container, whether it is on the MultiSwiss 8x26, MultiSwiss 6x32 or MultiSwiss 6x16.

Thanks to the high efficiency of this device, wear of the 5-micron filter is reduced by up to four times. The benefits of this new system are extended service life of the filters, reduced machine downtime, reduced maintenance and increased service life of the cutting oil.

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