Vgrind Takes Centre Stage at Vollmer VDays Event

Vgrind Takes Centre Stage at Vollmer VDays Event

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Vgrind Takes Centre Stage at Vollmer VDays Event

Vollmer used its VDays event at its world headquarters in Biberach, Germany to present its latest Vgrind 360E to over 400 customers that came from around the globe. Introducing the new machine, the Business Development Manager for the Vgrind 360 and Vgrind 360E, Mr Andreas Weidenauer discussed the extensive benefits of the Vgrind machine that can process tools up to 100mm diameter with a length of 360mm. The presentation included an overview of the build quality that touched on the polymer concrete machine base for vibration absorption and reduced thermal expansion. With extremely low thermal conductivity, the Vgrind 360E generates less thermal expansion throughout its robust 2,100kg base.


Upon this base is the impressive C-axis concept that provides the perfect absorption and elimination of deformation and vibration of grinding pressure through the top and bottom bearings in the twin grinding spindle configuration. The twin spindle configuration in the Vgrind 360E is unique to Vollmer and it demonstrates how its dynamics, precision, deformation and vibration dampening characteristics far exceed that of single-spindle machines. Competitor machines with just a single bearing carry a higher risk of deformation and vibration. 


Underpinning the dynamics, kinematics and thermal stability of the Vgrind 360E, Vollmer has integrated an internal oil-based coolant cycle for cooling both the spindles and the motors. The temperature is maintained at a constant between the internal coolant oil cycle and the grinding coolant liquid due to a plate heat exchanger. This attention to detail increases the thermal stability of the Vgrind 360E and as the oil runs through internal cooling cycles, the risk of damage or contamination through leakage is drastically reduced.


The C and A-axis have both been configured with direct drive torque motors to improve the dynamics of the Vgrind 360E. The A-axis spindle rotates at a speed of 450rpm as standard with an optional 1000rpm unit for specialist applications.  The spindle options available with the new Vgrind 360E differ somewhat from that of the Vgrind 360. Branded as a more cost effective solution, the upper spindle of the Vgrind 360E has a belt driven spindle with 9kW peak power and a maximum speed of 6500rpm whilst the bottom belt driven spindle generates 23kW of peak power with a maximum speed of 10,500rpm. This cost-effective configuration delivers sufficient power, speed and torque to meet the most demanding of tasks. However, for cutting tool manufacturers looking for more flexibility, the Vgrind 360 offers three solutions that include both upper and lower belt or motorised spindle driven motors or the facility to have one belt and one motorised spindle on the machine.


From a precision perspective, cutting tool manufacturers will not find a more precise platform than the Vgrind 360 and 360E. As standard, Vollmer has equipped the Vgrind 360E with rotary glass scales fitted to the C and A axes to offer unsurpassed precision. Likewise, the X, Y and Z axes can optionally be fitted with linear glass scales. As a demonstration of this uncompromising precision and repeatability, Vollmer provided evidence of a field test. Manufacturing 10mm diameter ball nosed tools with a variable helix angle of 25-30 degrees with full simultaneous 5-axis processing, a complete batch of 60 end mills retained a deviation on all forms of less that +/-2 microns.


Further opportunities for the Vgrind 360 include an optional wheel changing facility for up to 8 grinding wheel packages. Accommodating grinding wheels up to 150mm diameter, the wheel changer is located outside the work envelope in a clean environment to prevent contamination. This fully automated process can change a wheel in just 9 seconds on either spindle.

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