ITC Shows New Ranges at Southern Manufacturing 2019

ITC Shows New Ranges at Southern Manufacturing 2019

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ITC Shows New Ranges at Southern Manufacturing 2019

At the Five Farnborough Southern Manufacturing exhibition, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be introducing the latest UK manufactured cutting tool innovations alongside industry leading tooling solutions from BIG KAISER and WIDIA.


On stand H250, the Tamworth cutting tool specialists will be demonstrating its latest line-up of solid carbide micro-tools and thread mills that are manufactured on the company’s state-of-the-art grinding technology. Significant investments in the latest technology enables ITC to precision manufacture micro cutting tools from 0.2mm to 2.0mm with concentricity tolerances below 0.001mm. At present, the micro product extensions have been made available to the most popular product lines and this includes the market leading 2001, 2022, 2152, 2161, 2162, 2171, 2072, 3051, 3081, 3091, 4032, 4072, 4081 and 4121 Series of ITC tools.


Alongside the exciting micro-tooling portfolio at Southern Manufacturing will be the impressive new thread-mill line. This latest extension to the range of UK manufactured solid carbide products includes metric, metric fine, UNC, UNF, BSP, NPT and also a selection of mini thread-mills. Manufactured with through coolant, helical flutes and TiAlN coatings for rapid chip evacuation and extended tool life and performance, the new thread-milling series is available with a variety of shank diameters, lengths, flute numbers and thread pitches.  As well as showing these innovative lines at Southern Manufacturing, ITC will be showing its extensive line of solid carbide tooling that is available with an unrivalled number of variants, geometries, coatings and dimensions. 


From the WIDIA portfolio, ITC will be giving a Southern Manufacturing debut to the latest addition to the renowned WIDIA Top Drill drilling platform.  The new WIDIA TDS 45X drilling line offers improved speed, tool life and performance when machining stainless steels and super alloys.

Users of WIDIA’s TDS-series drilling solution will be familiar with its superb performance in steel, cast iron and non-ferrous alloys. Now, those end users that routinely drill stainless steel and super alloys can also enjoy the performance benefits of the TDS drills. The new TDS45X takes proven holemaking technology and kicks it one step further, drastically reducing cycle times and extending tool life in the aerospace, medical, motorsport and oil and gas sectors that inherently machine challenging materials. The TDS Series will be accompanied by the Top Cut 4, a series that gives manufacturers reduced inventory by providing a single drill for a variety of drilling applications and materials.


Expanded capabilities and improved performance combine for outstanding results in the new Top Cut 4 indexable holemaking platform from WIDIA. A true multi-problem-solver, the Top Cut 4 has a breadth of application capabilities that include through and cross-holes, inclined entry and exit holes, 45 º corners, half-cylindrical, concave and chain drilling operations. Alongside the renowned drilling line will be the WIDIA Victory High Speed Cutting (VHSC) Series of milling cutters. This versatile new line-up is suitable for everything from face milling, pocketing, ramping, circular interpolation boring, slotting and shoulder milling.


This range of end mills incorporates a proprietary pocket design that enables the end user to integrate multiple insert radii of one body definition. Furthermore, the inserts retain their axial positioning regardless of the insert corner nose radius. The high speed aluminium profiling and pocket milling range is capable of machining at speeds up to 3000m/min with high speed cylindrical end mills, cutting monoblocks and shell mills available in diameter ranges from 25 to 32mm, 25 to 50mm and 40 to 80mm respectively.


When it comes to high-quality precision tooling and tool holding solutions, nothing comes close to the BIG KAISER portfolio that is available from the Tamworth Company. On Stand H250, ITC will be showing the new line of HDC Straight Shank tool holders that incorporate an extremely slim and rigid design with superior balance and concentricity. This new BIG KAISER HDC Straight Shank tool holder is the perfect choice for reaching into confined areas.  


Hydraulic chucks are the ideal tool holders for machining processes that demand high accuracy such as drilling, reaming, finish milling and grinding tools. Working on this principle, BIG KAISER has also launched the new HDC Hydraulic Chucks that create the perfect environment for high precision machining. To enhance flexibility, the HDC Straight Shank super slim holders can be clamped into other base holders to extend overall reach of the tool assembly and avoid the need for special tools.

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