ITC Solves Problematic Clearance Applications

ITC Solves Problematic Clearance Applications

Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd.

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ITC Solves Problematic Clearance Applications

With the increasing onset of complex 5-axis machining and the necessity to access surfaces and blend features in deep cavities, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now introduced the new line of HDC Straight Shank tool holders. Incorporating an extremely slim and rigid design with superior balance and concentricity, the new BIG KAISER HDC Straight Shank tool holders from ITC are the perfect choice for reaching into confined areas.  


Hydraulic chucks are the ideal tool holders for machining processes that demand high accuracy such as drilling, reaming, finish milling and grinding tools. Working on this principle, BIG KAISER has launched the new HDC Hydraulic Chucks that create the perfect environment for high precision machining. To enhance flexibility, the HDC Straight Shank super slim holders can be clamped into other base holders to extend overall reach of the tool assembly and avoid the need for special tools.


The innovative slim nose design provides the necessary clearance for deep cavity machining and also reaching hard to access features when conducting complex 5-axis machining. This makes the HDC Hydraulic Chucks the first-choice solution for 5-axis tool holding requirements.


The BIG KAISER HDC tool holders from ITC are simple to use as they only require one hex key wrench for clamping or loosening the cutting tool, making tool changes fast and easy without any special equipment.  Every HDC toolholder has concentricity guaranteed to 3 microns at 5 times diameter. Optional straight collets can also be used to increase the range and versatility of each size. 

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