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Nederman Develops Industry 4.0 Insight Solution for Clean Air Management

Nederman Develops Industry 4.0 Insight Solution for Clean Air Management

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Nederman Develops Industry 4.0 Insight Solution for Clean Air Management

In order to accomplish its core competence of supplying clean air to industry, Nederman is setting its sights squarely on the Industry 4.0 revolution with its new Nederman Insight platform. Dedicated to retaining its position as global leader in the supply of clean air, Nederman has always placed great emphasis upon helping customers meet the most stringent requirements and regulations.


The manufacturing industry is constantly striving for better quality and lower costs whilst also meeting increasingly stringent rules and regulations in areas such as the environment, safety and working conditions.  Nederman Insight provides the user with much more than a filter and far more than raw data. Nederman Insight provides customers with key insights that help them get more out of their filters with less effort and less cost.


How it Works

Nederman Insight puts information at the fingertips of the user wherever they may be. It provides valuable data on how a filter is working and it also helps to build a broader understanding of the filtration system, its performance, maintenance needs, associated costs and potential improvements. The Insight technology incorporates a series of sensors that monitor conditions in the filtration system. From the sensors, data is securely uploaded to the cloud via an Industry 4.0 gateway. This data can easily be read and interpreted via the Nederman Insight web-based user interface and dashboard.


What this gives the end user is around the clock access to real time and historical data that enables optimisation of filtration systems and an understanding of how to utilise it fully. This system performance is complemented by a risk management alert feature that informs the user when action is required to prevent extended downtime and keep the work place safe. This feature also helps meet the longer term need for environmental compliance whilst reducing the potential for incorrect filtration management.


This alert system ties-in with maintenance schedules and the access to historical data and the ongoing control of performance data will enable end users to plan maintenance needs. Nederman experts will help interpret the data and advise on settings, adjustments and product management strategies. The improved awareness and maintenance of the filtration system will allow businesses to detect problems before they arise. By resolving issues or replacing spare parts in good time, customers can avoid unplanned stops and the associated costs of unscheduled downtime. With increasing demand on sustainability, Nederman Insight gives the user greater control of energy consumption, emissions and safety.


Whilst these benefits of the Nederman Insight system are genuinely impressive, the World Leading innovator can also offer considerably more features and benefits. The Nederman Insight ‘Action Centre’ will track filtration system performance and quickly identify issues, providing a full overview of filter operation via one or more dashboards with drill-down functions. Nederman is continually evolving the Insight platform by adding advanced modules that give greater functionality and more valuable insights into an air filtration system.


At present, this includes a ‘Machine Learning’ smart algorithm that looks for patterns in data to help the user identify and mitigate risks. With machine learning, filtration systems will automatically improve from experience, without being re-programmed. The ‘Workflow Engine’ module will help to manage business processes. It determines defined processes and workflows, orchestrating routines to carry out in case of an alert. Additionally, it will automatically set up e-mail notifications and contingency plans that will be available in an advanced ‘reporting’ platform that will provide more sophisticated and customised reports to gain insights into areas such as system performance, sustainability targets and investment requirements.


Nederman has exciting plans for its Insight Industry 4.0 platform and to achieve the ambitious goals the company has set up a Digital Solutions Division. This division has been specifically created to develop digital solutions for a complete ecosystem of services that work in combination with a robust infrastructure for the Industry 4.0 platform. 

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