Flexibility and quality…assured!

Flexibility and quality…assured!

GF Machining Solutions Ltd.

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Flexibility and quality…assured!

The Agie Charmilles FORM X, FORM S, FORM P and FORM E series of die-sink EDM machines feature improved software and a range of technical innovations all designed to give precision mould makers and component manufacturers a definite competitive advantage.


Whether the requirement is for a single (stand alone) machine for straightforward use or with full and integrated automation, FORM machine tool solutions enable users to meet current and future challenges with greater flexibility, improved machining accuracy and reduced operational costs.


The machines provide customers with Econowatt technology to save energy, a variety of Industry 4.0-oriented connectivity features to help support manufacturers’ digital transformation, and e-Tracking software for EDM process monitoring and full traceability.


From faster rib machining to micro-machining, the Agie Charmilles FORM family is the outcome of GF Machining Solutions’ continued investment in advanced DSEDM research.


The result is that AgieCharmilles FORM series users are able to achieve better performance in machining with either graphite and/or copper electrodes.


The FORM series allows for repeatable machining of micro-cavities and the machines’ onboard ‘iGAP’ technology guarantees the rigidity of plastic, injection-moulded end products with deep, plastic-reinforced ribs. It also ensures fast, accurate machining of rib cavities with respect to the required de-moulding taper and VDI homogeneity throughout the cavity surface.


Additionally, manufacturers requiring maximum use of the Agie Charmilles FORM machine can exploit the range’s “eConnectivity” features and “MTConnect” capability to stay informed of the machine’s status and machining process.


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