Nederman introduce new range of articulated extraction arms for fume and dust extraction

Nederman introduce new range of articulated extraction arms for fume and dust extraction

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Nederman introduce new range of articulated extraction arms for fume and dust extraction

Articulated extraction arms are the best and most cost-efficient solution for applications where extraction of small volumes of gases, dust and fume is required within a limited area. Nederman has now launched its new range of FX2extraction arms that are small, maneuverable and easy to use, and are therefore ideal for such applications.

The new Nederman FXrange is designed to capture pollutants as close to their source as possible. A high capture rate is achieved with minimum energy use, and any hazardous airborne substances are removed before they reach an operator’s breathing zone or contaminate premises and goods. From an end user perspective, the new Nederman FXis packed with benefits that include low noise levels and improved energy efficiency, stable positioning with easy maneuverability, an aesthetically pleasing user friendly design and complete freedom when planning installations. All these features combine to make the new Nederman FXrange the most desirable solution for efficient 'at-source' extraction of small air flows.

The low noise level and improved energy efficiency of the FX2 arms was achieved using computerised simulations during the design phase. The result is a highly improved air flow with lower pressure loss, meaning smaller fans can be used which consume less energy. Complementary products such as Nederman fans, ducting and control units can increase the energy efficiency even further. This reduces the noise level to an impressive level that is 5 dB less than alternate extraction arms on the market.

The new Nederman FX2 arms are highly flexible and easy to position, extend and retract. This stable positioning with easy maneuverability is achieved via the two outermost arm joints that can rotate 360°. This makes it possible to position the hood exactly where required. Once correctly positioned, the hood can be locked in place using two friction devices in the arm joints.

As with many products from the extensive Nederman portfolio, the new Nederman’s FX2 arms are available with a choice of options. For the FX2 arms, Nederman has three different models that cater for a wide spectrum of needs. These three variants can cover applications in laboratories, the electronics industry, 3D printing, health service and pharmacies, gluing stations, museums and hair and nail salons and much more.

Regardless of which option you select, Nederman FX2 arms incorporate an aesthetically pleasing design that is lean and smooth, and it allows the arms to fit into any environment without compromising durability and reliability. The swivel design is optimised to ensure a slim profile and clear sight. With a long upper arm section, the FX2 PLUS swivel and accessories can be placed high up or above a false ceiling. This creates a modern design that is neat, good looking and practical, preventing dust accumulation. This flexibility gives the end user complete freedom when planning the installation of dust extraction equipment. The Nederman FX2 can be mounted on ceilings, walls and floors or even fixed to worktops, giving the end user a safe, reliable, robust and compact solution.

This unprecedented level of adaptability and flexibility gives customers a unique opportunity to adapt the arm installation to meet their own facilities. With the option of Cut2fit aluminium profile extensions that can be cut at any length and assembled together with the classic bracket for mounting arms to the ceiling or wall, the Nederman FX2arms are ideal for virtually all application areas.

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