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Purchasing first Vise : any recommendations?
Hey GJ!

Need some help/advise on a bench-table vise for my home garage. Majority of work is automotive. Specifically need a table vise to use when working on suspension bits like shocks, struts, and dampers.

Won’t be the only use, am learning how valuable a vise is in general. Am a big supporter of USA quality tools quality where they exist, but often not readily available to purchase IE; Wilton, Columbia, etc. Also, have NO idea even browsing retail selections what size would be appropriate.
This one looks good. You can rotate the vice through 360 degrees so that it is easier to clamp difficult parts. It also makes it easier to get to some bits of the part which could be obscured by the bench on a fixed vice. They do 2 sizes. 125 mm and 65mm I think, so you should be able to clamp some pretty big parts.
Also they ship to the USA.

[Image: R3087.jpg]

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