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Practical skills for engineers
This is an interesting one for young engineers, as most engineering degree courses include some practical elements  such as machining. However, in many instances the amount of practical experience is quite limited. Being realistic, you can't go into the level of detail that someone learns when they perform a process evey day and understand the skills needed and problems that arise when you start to make something. However, having some knowledge of the process enables you to avoid the worst mistakes and understand how the material you are working with behaves. This is why we have specialists who have a deep knowledge of their subject and why we work collaboratively.

For many young engineers, it is a revelation when they first see metal cutting and the forces involved, how the metal chips behave and what happens to the surface finish etc.

The Institute of Engineering and Technology is highlighting the lack of experience in welding and the benefits of some practical experience on this process. You can read what they have to say here

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