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This is somthing which seems to be being developed by a number of companies including Open Mind and Mazak.

There is a company in the UK, CloudNC which you may have heard of. This company was formed out of a research project where the founders were using additive and could not understand why CNC machining could not be as simple. They have invested a lot of effort and research in creating a cloud based CAM system that iterates through all the possible  cutting methods to find the quickest and best method. The aim of the company is not to sell the sftware, but to use it to expand with a large number of subcontract shops around the world. Each shop will use the software and will have identical kit. The objective is to have a step change in CAM and manufacturing.

With the developments at other CAM vendors and at Mazak it will be interesting to see if their competitive advantage with this technology will be eroded as others in the industry catch up.

Clearly if using AI in CAM was that easy it would have been done long ago.
I have been catching up on some of the latest developments, and the move at the moment seems to be more knowledge based systems. These seem to have some intelligence built in, but the scope of what they can do is very specific. So as yet, you can't ask it to design something for you. I think it would be possible in particular common design problems to come up with a range of solutions with the pros and cons of each which you can use your judgemnet to choose from.
A long time ago I looked at a product called Invention machine which brought together many different scientific effects, so you could say look for something whcih would be strong yet compact, in other words, conflicting requirements, which is usually solved by good design and lateral thinking.

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