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Green technology
I just read this one about Coventry based Saginsons getting a contract for the development and manufacture of EV charging points that can be fitted to street lights and stand alone bollards connected to street lights. Developed by these high tech chargers make it possible for EV owners who rely on street parking to charge their vehicles.

Both Sarginsons and have sustainability and green issues as a core part of their company mission. The first units are to be located around Coventry. You can read more here
I have been reading about the million mile battery which a Chinese company is developing and the Giga factories that Tesla is planning.

EV points sound as though they will need to be ramped up much faster. 

If this battery technology works, the switch to electric vehicles could acccelerate very quickly and rapid charging in about 10 minutes will make the vehicles a practical proposition.

On another topic - Am I the only person that can't understand non plug in hybrid vehicles? The benefit seems very small. The range is only about 50 miles on battery and the harvesting of energy has got to be a small proportion of the total energy required by the car. To me it seems that you will be running mainly using petrol as the energy source, so what is the point!

If you could charge it and run for about 200 miles before the engine kicked in, that would be useful as it would cover most journeys. Maybe it is a problem with weight??
Hydrogen looks like it could be a solution for home heating and is already used for HGV applications.

There are some experiments underway where hydrogen is fed into the normal gas network. There are problems with leakage, but these can be overcome. The great advantage is that the gas network already exists and home gas boilers can in the most part be converted quite easily. Additionally, most of the gas storage is already there in the existing pipework.

With renewable energy, harvesting hydrogen could be very cost effective.

Denmark is already building a platform in the North Sea powered by wind turbines to extract hydrogen.

You can read it here.

[Image: 106826912-1611151801336-gettyimages-9706...=740&h=416]

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